MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)

Allstar Training working in partnership with Switch Direction


  • The quality of working relationships in a team and within business is fundamental to its success. The MBTI tool allows people to understand themselves and the importance of how differences at work enable a stronger more versatile team in identifying different perspectives.
  • The activity based session allows people to develop a deeper understanding of their own preferred style and their impact on others in the workplace. People will gain an insight into how they may need to adjust their “natural” style to get good results. It will help managers or people working alongside others to answer the question “what’s it like to work with / for me?”
  • The MBTI session requires honesty and openness from the group. If there are unspoken frictions within a group, it a good way for these to be explored and underlined in a controlled way.  This session works well with groups of any sizes.

Target Group

  • This course is aimed at staff at all levels looking to learn more about themselves and the impact they have on other people.


  • Key elements to be covered:-
    • understand the MBTI model and the ideas that underpin it;
    • undertake a range of self assessment activities to make a detailed assessment of their own MBTI type, and develop a deeper understanding of their own style and their impact in the workplace and on colleagues;
    • use the insights from MBTI as a basis to review current challenges faced by the team.


  • The outcomes of the session will be
  • Increased self-awareness & confirmed self-perception;
  • Discovered the differences in people we work with focusing on:-
    • energy source
    • information gathering
    • decision making
    • lifestyle orientation
  • Appreciated the gifts and strengths of ourselves and others;
  • Learned how to capitalise on our strengths & the strengths of others within the team.


1 Day

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