Leadership & Management (2 day)

Allstar Training working in partnership with Switch Direction

Day 1. Leadership and Management

A four-hour session focusing on: –

  1. Leadership and Management – This element will allow individuals to explore the differences between Leadership and Management concepts whilst focusing on elements such as change management, innovation and ways in which to build effective teams. An understanding that values of trust and honesty between employees is important to develop mutual relationships.

A two-hour sessions focusing on: –

  1. Communication – Using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator tool to gauge how individuals work when receiving and giving information.  We will look at how different types communicate and how from time to time it’s important for you to match your respondents type in order for them to gauge understanding quickly and efficiently.  We will also look at the structure behind active communication.

 Day 2. Leadership and Management

A two-hour session focusing on: –

  1. Conflict Management – Conflict with people at work can happen.  This allows individuals to understand the ways in which conflict can be handled directly.  The session will help individuals understand how to recognize and deal with disputes in a rational, balanced and effective way through the use of effective communication, problem solving and negotiation skills.

A two-hour session focusing on: –

  1. Time & Organisation – Designed to help people to prioritize and control their own personal goals or workload in an organized way.  It will enable individual attendees to answer that question ‘What is Time Management?’ and look at the way in which they organize their work, run effective meetings whilst making suggestions on ways to improve with practical examples.

A two-hour session focusing on: –

  1. Delegation – Being able to let go and delegate tasks to others can be one of the hardest managerial responsibilities. The temptation to it yourself can become overwhelming, so we will look at ways of ensuring that delegation is structured and approached in a timely way.


2 Days

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