Effective Communication and Giving Constructive Feedback

Allstar Training working in partnership with Switch Direction


This course has been designed to help experienced internal staff to prioritise and control their own workload in an organisation. It will enable individual attendees to look at the way in which they organise their work, whilst making suggestions on ways they can improve with practical examples.

Course Content

  • Pre-course activity to complete for discussion in the session
  • What is Time Management?
  • 10 common Time Management mistakes
  • How productive are you
  • Prioritisation
  • Priority Matrix
  • Effective scheduling
  • Minimising distractions
  • Improving your concentration
  • FLOW Model
  • Goal setting and goal setting mistakes
  • Locke’s goal setting gold
  • Self-motivation vs. procrastination
  • Finding time for professional development



By the end of the course, participants will:-

  • Identify the business and personal benefits of organising their work proficiently
  • Understand individual thought process and why/how we are all different
  • Understand the core components of the priority matrix and how it can be used on an everyday basis
  • Focus on a typical days workload and look at how it could have been prioritised
  • Understand techniques for dealing with obstructions to your planned day

This accelerated course combines theory based learning with supportive practical exercises.


1 Day

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