Allstar Training is pleased to announce the opening of their new virtual assistance department; Allstar Assistants.

Keen on helping companies to achieve their objectives, we’re moving forward with our goal of providing an all-round service for our clients.

We have met many people who are snowed under with their current workload and have no time to complete all the other little jobs that come with running a business or they simply have better things to do at the weekend than sitting at a desk.

Our virtual assistance is aimed at small or large companies who either need some help with day to day tasks or need extra support with one off projects.

With no contract of employment, salary to pay or additional pension and national insurance contributions to think about, paying a virtual assistant on an ad-hoc basis is a very attractable way to go.

Our Allstar Assistants are highly trained and experienced individuals. They are so helpful and willing to go the extra mile that you may end up calling them your Allstar Angel.