Allstar Training adapting to the ‘new normal’

Enhance your education with home-based learning or by attending social-distanced classes.

Businesses across the board have found themselves in unprecedented times, with the global pandemic affecting each and every one of us. Companies have had to take a step back and reassess how their business is run and how safe they can make things for their staff and their clients. It has been a worrying time for business owners and employees, not knowing what the future holds.

Here at Allstar Training, it has been no different. A turbulent few months saw the business shut it’s doors for a time and staff furloughed. With classroom training at the heart of what we do, we felt there was no other option than to stop all training with immediate effect at the start of lockdown. The safety of our staff and delegates is paramount and, although not officially told to close by the Government, we thought it would be irresponsible of us to continue in the capacity of which we had before.

The time out was not wasted however and it allowed us to look at the business to see how we could adapt our services and, in particular, how we deliver our courses. Along with the rest of the nation, we discovered our love for online apps such as Zoom, Google Meets, etc. and have developed our courses to be delivered online, to our delegates, in the comfort of their own home.

Our online courses have proved a massive success. Our delegates have found them both as informative and interactive as our classroom-based courses and the feedback has been very positive. Customer satisfaction has always been at the heart of Allstar Training and we needed to make sure we got things right. With the help of our fantastic trainers, and the support from our awarding bodies such as CITB, IOSH and Qualsafe, we feel we have been able to continue to provide excellent training for local businesses.

Not only does online tuition save time and money for our delegates, it also has a positive effect on the environment, with less travel etc. Working towards a cleaner and more environmentally friendly working style has always been a clear focus for Allstar and hopefully now, delivering more courses online, it will help us to achieve this.

In recent weeks, we have also seen the return of our classroom-based courses and onsite company courses. With some of the training we offer, such as First Aid and Plant Machinery Training, there is no option to the deliver these online, due to the practical element of the courses. We have successfully implemented social distancing measures in our office and classroom and, through thorough risk assessments, we can ensure businesses that we have taken all steps practically necessary to ensure the safety of our staff and delegates.

With both styles of learning running smoothly, we’re looking forward to the future. Being able to offer a variety of courses, both online and in the classroom, means more choice for businesses and how they wish to train their staff. Allstar Training hope that the changes the ‘New Normal’ brings will be beneficial to us all.