Primary School teaches First Aid Awareness

Pupils from Year 5 at Claydon Primary School attended a half day training course, which included coverage of emergency situations, as well as minor injuries and the recovery position.

Our qualified Allstar Training instructor was really impressed with the students’ interest and willingness to learn basic life-saving skills, especially given their young age!

One of the class teachers said, “The children really enjoyed their morning and we all learnt lots of up to date information”. 

Each attendee, as with all of our course delegates, received a certificate which they can be very proud to show off!

From 2020 onwards, all state-funded schools in England will be required to teach first aid as part of health education. This will include basic first aid for primary school children, for example dealing with common injuries, such as head injuries. Young people in secondary schools will be taught further first aid, for example, how to administer CPR and the purpose of defibrillators.

For further information on our First Aid Courses, please contact us here or call Richard Dean on 01473 603344.