Top Fire Safety tips from Allstar Training

Fire Marshal training has been in such big demand over the last month, we had to hold extra dates for courses. Below, we have put together some easy to follow, top tips for fire safety.

Keep things neat and tidy

A lot can be said for keeping things in order and this can help combat a range of different potential threats. Ensure flammable products or chemicals are stored away safely and doorways/walkways are free from clutter. 

Flammable chemicals are found in most printing supplies and household cleaning products.  Follow the documented advice which is on the manufacturers label.

Electrical Safety

Familiarise yourself with the basic rules of maintaining electrical safety.  Do not overfill plug sockets, do not use faulty or damaged electrical equipment.  Regular inspections or PAT testing can identify any potential issues.  Knowing how to shut off an electric source using a fuse box/ control panel can be paramount.

Fit relevant fire equipment

Smoke alarms should be fitted throughout your building and be tested at regular times throughout each year. Batteries should be replaced annually. Correct fire-fighting equipment in the relevant places can also mean the difference between a small contained fire and a potentially life-changing incident.  Different types of fire require extremely different approaches to tackle them.  Familiarise yourself with the different types of fire extinguisher available. A fire in a waste paper bin requires a very different approach to a chip pan fire and different again to an electrical fire. Do you know the difference? Knowing when and how to raise the alarm is essential.

Fire safety training and regular drills

It is advisable to refresh your Fire Marshal training every three years. If we know the risks involved it is much easier to prevent and knowing the best course of action in an emergency can help prevent major disasters. Ensuring each and every person knows the exit procedure in the event of an evacuation is imperative.

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